Frequently Asked Questions


Do I Need to buy insurance for my slingshot rental?

YES. Insurance is REQUIRED for all Slingshot rentals. You will be prompted to purchase your insurance coverage ($15-18/day) during checkout as you complete the purchasing process. For more information about insurance, click here

Do the vehicles have navigation?

The vehicles are Bluetooth enabled and we have found Google Maps to be the most reliable navigation system. We can sync your phone right to the vehicle. Other companies may charge an unnecessary up sell for a navigation device.  

What should I/We wear?

Believe it or not, the weather in Las Vegas varies greatly, so it's always best just to check the three day forecast before you rent. Two musts however are eye protection (either sunglasses or clear glasses for eye protection) and closed toed shoes (as the cockpit area can get warm near your feet). 

Do I/We need helmets?

In Nevada. the Slingshot is classified as a "tri-mobile" and does not require a helmet. All you need is a regular vehicle drivers license to operate a Slingshot. 

Anything else I/We should bring along or need?

We are in the desert with plenty of sunshine, so sunblock and water to stay hydrated are highly recommended.

Where can or should I/We go?

We have made a few suggestions on our site (In and Around Vegas, Leaving Las Vegas), but are happy to get more in depth and make suggestions based on your likes and interests. The best thing is that your time truly is your time and we have no mileage limitations.

Can I/We drive to New York?

Not exactly...We do ask that you stay in the state but there are exceptions of course. Our surrounding states have different laws so a motorcycle endorsement may be needed as well as a helmet. If we can make it happen, we will.

What is the affiliate program all about?

In short, we have been in Las Vegas for a while. We have established great working relationships with many businesses around town that we can offer discounts or other amenities. Check out our affiliate page (coming soon) for more information as we are adding new affiliates all the time.